• Sulman Reid

Long-serving Holden fan outraged. RIP the "Good ol' days".

"It's breaking my heart, mate... I'll be garaging my V6 SVZ Commodore for sure. You watch, prices will be high soon." Dale told us.

"... and I tell you what, Supercars just ain't like it used to be, mate." ... "When I was a little fella we could roam around with the old man and his mates just sinking cans all day. None of this nanny state shit with 1 carton per person, per day, per year. you know what I mean?" "I've already booked me tatt session for some fresh Rory ink, too"

"I've gone to Bathurst for 43 years, mate. Never miss a single race, mate. Camped up at the back of McPhillamy for all these years and now they bloody lock us out because of a go-karting track. it's a bloody outrage mate"... "F**k I miss them good ol' days aye, when we didn't have all this policing." Dale continued before heading back into the Pub for a quick punt on Race 7 at Cranbourne.


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