• Sulman Reid

Young Nathaniel "Confused with Bathurst 12Hr Culture"

As the convoys begin to arrive from over the Blue Mountains, many young fans have been spotted at the local Bathurst bottle shops, confused over whether this weekends Bathurst 12 Hour is a bundy and coke event or a goon bag-athon. While some would argue this is the same old, same old when it comes to motorsport in Bathurst. In actual fact, you won't see many mullets and burnouts at this time of year. This weekend is more like the fine dining of the motorsport world, unlike its barbeque sausage sandwich counterpart, the Bathurst 1000. With 12 Hours of action on Sunday, you may think this one isn't for the faint-hearted. However, if you ask the little ones making their way up to the mountain, they'll have you know that it's more than likely that Fruity Lexia indeed, makes you sexier. "I'm just here because dad said there's no point going back to school just yet, considering there's racing on up at the mount this weekend."... "I'll see my private school friends on Monday" Nathaniel said as we spoke to him outside the award-winning soy latte cafe.


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